Reiki Webring

Joining is easy, simply add your page.
You will receive the HTML by E-mail,
"cut 'n paste" it on your home-page and you are set.
I Really don't like rules, but some Tips are really needed in order to keep this Webring enjoyable and easy to navigate.
Like: Your site *has* to be a Reiki site. This sounds obvious but you wouldn't believe how many non-Reiki site's try to join. They are NOT added to the Ring!
Also, you have keep in mind that that page that contains the HTML for the Ring will be the Entree page. Either make a noticeable link to the Reiki part of your page OR place the ring HTML on the Reiki part of your page.
From August 9th, its possible to use the HTML part that is send from the Webring in pages with Frames.
If you joined before that you have to include the "tag's" that will "pop" the visitor out of your frames yourself.
The argument you have to use is :
Sites which contains enormous page's with a lot of other Webrings are NOT appreciated. It takes a long time to download and the visitor will probably click the "back" button on their browser without looking at your site.

There are a lot of people using this webring on a daily bases,
so lets try to make it as easy as possible for them...

Make sure they can exit through the Webring as easily as they entered.
Keep the HTML and the Buttons intact as they are.

Statistics for Reiki Web Ring You can see the stats for your site here.
Index Index of all sites in the World Wide Reiki Ring.
Queue List of sites in the queue.
Edit Site InfoEdit site information for your site in the ring or queue.
Submit Site Submit your site to the queue.

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