Tera Mai

The Development of Tera-Mai Reiki In 1983 Kathleen became initiated into Reiki I and 2 because she felt it would add healing qualities to her art work. The thought did occur to her that she would have liked to have gone on and completed the third initiation however family and financial commitments somehow seemed to put Reiki mastership on the back burner if at all. Then in 1988 after two car accidents, Kathleen was left at a standstill with her artwork and her life. She had just found an art gallery in Chicago to represent her art; but was left frustrated and closed down with a concussion and brain trauma. She also suffered from severe muscle spasms and while her doctor was advanced and prescribed such things as massage, stretch exercises and rolfing she was still in severe pain. Sometimes it would take her an hour to get out of bed due to the pain. In 1989 she received a brochure from a new age retreat in Michigan, which offered Reiki Mastership at a reasonable cost over one weekend, she did not question how this could be possible, she just knew it was right for her. For her own healing process she had to go. In 1989 Kathleen Milner became a Usui Reiki Master, learned how to do the initiations, and began a cleansing cycle for her own healing. Mistakenly, she thought that was the end of that, and kept it to herself.

The initiation released and healed much of her pain. And at this point she did think about the possibility of utilising Reiki mastership further in her life. Then at a crystal workshop held in her home with a group of friends her daughter Jennifer said "My mum's a Reiki Master" and with those words, her daughter changed the whole course of her life. A friend of Kathleen's named Michelle wanted to be initiated and she asked what it would take for Kathleen to teach her. Kathleen thought for a moment and told her that if she could get 3 people together, that she would put together a class.

Kathleen went on from strength to strength and by summer of 1990 she was teaching Reiki I, 2 and Mastership classes regularly. Than one of Kathleen's students turned on her and started to spread gossip that she was a fraud, this student had previously been amazed at the energy she had received and the amount of heat coming out of her hands. Other students backed Kathleen up saying that they had felt the energy pass to them and they as well as their students were satisfied. Kathleen felt that they deserved more so she asked Father-Mother God for the Truth.

Kathleen was invited to speak and give a workshop at the Whole Life Expo in New York City, in the company of people she had seen on television and whose books she had read. She later had the opportunity to ask the Director why out of all possibilities he had asked her to be a presenter. He responded by telling her that he intuitively scanned all the applications. She responded by telling him that she hadn't sent in an application. She at the time hadn't even known that the Whole Life Expo existed. He didn't have an answer. While staying in New York for the Expo Kathleen stayed with a friend called Charlotte Liss, who had been introduced to her through a lady called Marcy Miller who Kathleen had initiated. Kathleen lectured to a full audience and followed it with a packed workshop. As she drew so many people, the whole Life Expo asked her to be a presenter at the Los Angeles Whole Life Expo in 1991.

When Kathleen arrived home she received a phone call from Marcy who had just been to a channeler in Arizona. While channelling she told Marcy that a woman named Kathleen had taken Reiki to higher levels. Kathleen believes it was her exercises in the Runes and Egyptian Cartouche which raised her energy, and also awakened former lifetimes she had spent in Egypt.

Marcy at this time was on her way to India to see Satya Sai Baba. Since his birth in November 23, 1926, Sai Baba has manifested supernormal powers and his mission in one phrase might be, to raise humanity's consciousness to God Consciousness. Sai Baba is able to communicate in languages he has never studied, and quote passages from texts he himself had never read, at least in this lifetime. His healings and manifestations can be imminent and dramatic. He is able to perform the same miracles that the Master Jesus did: Manifest, heal, transform, bilocate and even multilocate. There are countless stories and many books written about him.

The next time she saw Marcy was at the Whole Life Expo in Los Angeles. While in India Sai Baba had told her in meditation that Takata had left out a symbol and over half of the initiation procedure for each of the three Reiki degrees. Smiling, he told her not to worry. A Higher Being, a man dressed in orange robes with an afro hair style had gone to the inner planes for the purpose of retrieving the lost information and power, and that he would be giving them the information shortly. At the Sita Ashram where Marcy was staying, the Higher Being, a man dressed in orange robes with an afro hair style appeared etherically, the missing symbol he retrieved contained within it the symbol for infinity, a symbol that Kathleen had seen repeatedly in many different ways and from many different people at the Expo.

On the beach the following day, the Higher Being (a man dressed in orange robes with an afro hair style) reviewed the initiation procedures and Kathleen was told to call the missing symbol Zonar. Kathleen was to reinitiate Marcy, and visa versa. Kathleen had decided that when she returned home she would reinitiate all of her students and teach them the full initiation procedures. The Higher Being, reading her thoughts, asked how much she intended to charge them for this service. Her response was, that she would give freely. Rather than being rewarded for her spirituality and humility, he admonished her for not honouring herself. She then cautiously asked if charging $10 would be alright. To her great relief he said that would be fine.

So for $10 American dollars, Kathleen reinitiated all her students, everyone felt the increase in energy both during the initiation and afterwards. She initiated some Reiki Masters from other associations, and they felt the increase in healing energy. In May 1991, in California she again met Marcy and the Higher Being (a man dressed in orange robes with an afro hair style). She was informed of the Masters' intention to replace Zonar with Harth for the purpose of raising the Reiki vibration. Everything happened as before. Under the supervision of the Higher Being they reinitiated one another. Again for $10 Kathleen reinitiated and shared the symbol the Masters called Harth. Again each person who was reinitiated felt the increase.

For the first time the Higher Being (a man dressed in orange robes with an afro hair style), the masters and angels had asked her to speak out about the empowerment they had given her. She knew it would create a stir. Her personality would have been more content not to do this. She would have preferred to ride her horse and paint for the rest of her life. It has been noticed that at all her lectures and demonstrations that Sai Baba would show-up without fail, people who saw on other planes always saw him there. Very often in her demonstrations people in the audience would receive healings as well as the person being demonstrated on.

Her guides told her there was more to come and they chose to work with her at a slow and steady pace, this allowed her spiritual teachers to see how she used the energy and knowledge they imparted to her. They also did not wish to overwhelm her, which is one reason all of us are fed time moment by moment.

Since 1991 Kathleen has been in contact with an array of 5th dimensional beings: the Ascended Masters, the Galactic Federation and the Angels of the Eternal Light, who have initiated her into other rays of touch healing called Sakara, Sophiel and Angeliclight. Although she does initiate other people into these rays, she has as yet not taught anybody how to initiate others into these rays, as the Masters have told her it is not the right time.

In 1991 Kathleen was also initiated as a Seichem Master and realised that the energy is the same basic energy that the Higher Being (a man dressed in orange robes with an afro hair style) and the Masters had given to her. She also realised that the Seichem energy is the same as the lower initiations for Sakara. Kathleen has been told by the Masters to start a healing school in order to pass on these rays of touch healing to the world. With the reintroduction of the full initiation procedures into Reiki (as given to Kathleen by the Higher Being) the colour of the attunement as well as the energy that flows from the healers hands changes immediately from purple to gold. And so the story unfolds.

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