These two pictures are from a Reiki Master before and after a healing session....

This is someone before and after receiving a healing session

I Really like these 3 pictures, these are the finger prints of two different persons,
the first they where asked to think negative thought of eachother,
second they where asked to think loving thought, and on the third picture these two people are kissing....

This is the fingerprints of a Reverend trying to send energy out with one finger

These 3 pictures are Crystals

I cant recall what these ones are about...... oh well, they look nice :)

Same here, don't know what it is, looks like flares of energy from "something"...

The Healing pictures came from Reiki Master G.L. Phipps (Member of the Reiki Web Ring)
Copyright © 1997-1998 by G.L. Phipps. All rights reserved.

Others came from

and other sources.